Chicken Boy Adventures
Superhero Praise
"It was a pleasure having Gregory Allen come to my school and help us kickoff Autism Awareness Month at a school assembly. He spoke to the students about the importance of valuing our differences, his personal experience with autism, and his wonderful book Chicken Boy: The Amazing Adventures of a Super Hero with Autism. The students and staff enjoyed this visit very much. Gregory Allen's message in his book is something that is important for both children and adults to practice on a day to day basis. Thank you, Greg, for taking the time in helping us here at Memorial Middle School make a difference for those with autism."
Dianna Maranilli
Special Education Teacher
Memorial Middle School
Fair Lawn, New Jersey
"Thank you so much for coming to speak to our fifth grade students about your book, Chicken Boy: The Amazing Adventures of a Super Hero with Autism.  The students truly enjoyed hearing the story, having a chance to discuss their personal experiences with autism, and hearing about your work as an actor and writer.  It was wonderful to have you combine  autism awareness, writing, and the arts all in one presentation!"
Kirsten Erbse
Special Education Teacher
Fred W. Miller Elementary School
Holliston, Massachusetts
"I would like to thank you very much for participating in Autism Awareness Day for the Pearl River School District. The students and staff from the three elementary schools thoroughly enjoyed your book, Chicken Boy: The Amazing Adventures of a Super Hero with Autism. Your delivery of the book along with your patience and honesty in answering all of the student's questions was very much appreciated. Thank you again."
Carolyn M. Moffa
Director of Special Services
Pearl River School District
Pearl River, New York
"Thank you for coming to share Chicken Boy with our school. You engaged our students from the minute they saw your shirt! We were so pleased that you explained autism in way elementary students could understand. We are all looking forward to reading about the new adventures of Chicken Boy!"
Mrs. Pacifico
4th Grade Teacher
Mt. Tabor School
Parsippany, New Jersey
"Thank you so much for participating in our afternoon program, Written Word. It was wonderful for you to share your history as a writer. The students loved the background story of your book, Chicken Boy: The Amazing Adventures of a Super Hero with Autism. Thank you for inspiring them! The middle school students truly appreciated you speaking with them and helping them begin to tell their own stories!"
Matthew Rupcich
Middle School Dean of Student Activities
Trinity School
New York, New York

"As the director of The Learning Tree, I am always looking for ways to show the children to love each other and embrace who they are and who others are. You showed the children this in your book and kind words. Thank you so much for visiting with us. The children are still talking about you. My son came home last night and wanted his bedtime story to be Chicken Boy. You were wonderful with the children.

Diane Oliver
The Learning Tree Preschool
Hawthorne, New Jersey
What People are Saying About Chicken Boy!!!

"This will be a great resource for kids with autism who want to feel better about themselves, to unleash their inner greatness and for parents and teachers who want to promote a positive view of autism to their offspring and students." -Anne Carpenter, Librarian and Information and Referral SpecialistAutism Society of Michigan
"I'm completely behind Chicken Boy and believe it would be a great door opener to so many people who have misunderstood Autism." - Texas
"Important that "normal" kids understand how autistic children "see" every day life." - New Jersey
"Thank you for putting autism in the perspective that everyone can understand. Understanding leads to acceptance!" 
"I think this book is not only enlightening for children but for many adults as well." - New York
"I work with, and advocate for, autistic children and their families. I wish I could hand this book to each new family as they tell me their son or daughter has just been diagnosed with Autism." - California
"Every teacher should be aware of this book & should read it in every class at every grade level. There are a lot of children now being mainstreamed in to regular classes & this would bring so much awareness." - New Jersey
"I work with autistic children and this story portrayed a deeper understanding of the special mind of a child with autism." - Illinois
"What a sweet touching yet true and funny way of appreciating and loving a child for who he is." - New York