Chicken Boy Adventures

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In this superhero series, a little boy with autism pretends to be "Chicken Boy" in order to cope with the outside world. Book one introduces us to the quiet boy who comes alive in the rain and book two sheds some light on sensory issues often encountered by children with ASD. The Chicken Boy Series was created to give those with autism a chance to see themselves in a book and those without, the knowledge to not be fearful of someone that is different.

Chicken Boy is based on the life of the author's godson, who was diagnosed with autism at a very young age. Book one was written when the little boy was heading into the third grade to give reason to some of the things that he does while the second book was written from the urging of teachers, nurses, and parents to discuss visits to the doctor and dentist.
Chicken Boy is made possible because of the partnersip with MeeGenius (acquired by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in 2015). Book one was the MeeGenius Author's Challenge People's Choice winner.

Chicken Boy: The Amazing Adventures of a Super Hero with Autism

"I have a superhero inside my head. I call him Chicken Boy!" - proclaims our hero. What others may see as odd "quirks", a child living with autism explains as all a part  of his being a superhero. Told in the first person perspective, Chicken Boy offers a small glimpse into the mind of one child who wants others to understand they  shouldn't fear someone simply because that person is a little different.
Illustrations by Dennis Culver

Chicken Boy: A Super Hero With Autism Deals with Doctors & Dentists

Book two shares why a visit to a doctor or a dentist may be difficult for certain children. The buzz of a dental drill, the cold of a stethoscope, the smell of rubber gloves, the taste of the toothpaste; all of these can be intensified for children with autism. Yet many children can relate to the fears that can surround these visits and can use our superhero's tips to help make these trips just a little bit easier.

Illustrations by Morgan Swofford  

Other Book By Author Gregory G. Allen
Irving the theater nut!

Hey Chicken Boy fans: Chicken Boy author Gregory G. Allen has another book - not in the chicken boy series. It tells the story of a squirrel who wants nothing more than to join the children rehearsing inside the theater and be a part of that theater world. Many theater kids "theater geeks" may feel they are different because of that love they have for the arts, but I hope that this picture book with amazing illustrations by Morgan Swofford will show kids of all ages that being a lover of the arts is nothing to be ashamed of. It also has hidden messages of teamwork, encouragement, and collaboration.